Adding VoiceLabs to your Amazon Alexa Skills in C#

If you’re a C# programmer and have created Amazon Alexa Skills, you already know it’s tough to get some C# code samples, SDK’s and just a overall clear path to satisfy your curiosity for creating Alexa Skills. These days, it’s just tough to get C# support on a lot of the new services out there. We are […]

You’re invited to Intoxicating VR @ the MIC!

Intoxicating VR at the Microsoft Innovation Center Please join us for an evening of Virtual Reality immersion with Industry professionals. Experience VR for yourself up close and personal. Learn about opportunities for developing with some of most talented Pixel Pathfinders in the area. This event includes: Hands-on Demos • Food & Libations • VR Hardware When: Thursday […]

South Florida Code Camp is almost here!

The South Florida Code Camp agenda has just been released. There’s 15 tracks with over 90 sessions. I will be speaking along with David Isbitski on Amazon Echo and Alexa in the IoT Track. In addition, there will be some great speakers that will touch on Cortana, Raspberry Pi, OpenBCI, C#, dotNET, node, Angular and many other […]

Pluralsight Offers Free Courses to Those Out of Work

Pluralsight, a global leader in online technology training has opened up 50 free courses to those unemployed and seeking to pivot into a new career in technology. “Pluralsight is thrilled to partner with the White House to help unemployed Americans land a career in technology,” said Aaron Skonnard, founder and CEO of Pluralsight. “Online training is […]

Enter the Matrix… IoT for Everyone!

Now here’s a Kickstarter campaign after my own heart. First, it’s called the “Matrix” (I know right!?!) Secondly, it’s an IoT product that could really make the Internet of Things accessible to everyone, as their slogan suggests. It’s basically a single unit, filled with 15 sensors, vision and voice interfaces, with plug-n-play architecture and an open framework for third party […]

Five Things Old Programmers Should Remember

Lately I’ve been feeling the aging process, both physically and mentally, a bit more than usual. It could be that the big 4-0 is around the corner for me and sitting on my ass coding for the last 20 years is finally catching up. I’ve never given it much thought as getting older is something we don’t […]

New IoT Gateway on Kickstarter!

The much anticipated IoT Kickstarter campaign for The Things Network has finally launched! With a ridiculously low target price of $200 per 4 mile range, LoRa WAN gateway, not to mention it’s decentralized, open source and crowd sourced… these gateways will help smart city initiatives around the world push forward at an unprecedented pace. The beauty of this IoT […]