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My name is Walt Quesada and I am a Software Engineer and Experience Technologist with over 20 years architecting and developing solutions for SMB’s to Fortune 500 companies. I currently serve as the Experience Technology Lab Manager at PwC Experience Center, the PricewaterhouseCoopers digital accelerator in Hallandale, Florida where I experiment, integrate and reimagine new and emerging technologies such as VI, NUI, VR/AR, IoT and other technologies to help elevate the business to people experience.

In addition, I am a speaker and co-organizer for the South Florida Emerging Technology Group and also a speaker at South Florida Code Camp at Nova Southeastern University.Programming Voice Interfaces for the IoT book cover

I am also a Pluralsight instructor with a course titled Developing Alexa Skills for Amazon Echo.

Coming up in 2017, got a book in the works for O’Reilly Media titled, “Programming Voice Interfaces for the IoT”.

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