My Google Glass Experience

Google GlassRecently BGT Partners was acquired by PwC and since then I’ve been tasked to work on a Google Glass project for one of PwC’s large clients and it’s been a pretty interesting experience so far. There’s not one but 2 API sets I can tap into. One is called the GDK and the other is called the Mirror API. The latter is a pure services layer where I can build a services oriented application running .NET Web API for example, then I can plug into that via the Glass and like magic I can interact with my custom build services.

The GDK (Glass Development Kit) is a fairly new SDK that allows for more native application development. It’s sits on top of the Android SDK so the development environment is very similar to building an native Android application. With the GDK you have access to device level components that the Mirror API doesn’t have access to such as the camera and sensors.

I’m currently building a hybrid application that involves both the Mirror API and the GDK. It’s currently a prototype and I am documenting issues along the way. I will be posting my findings here soon but in the mean time if you have any questions feel free to contact me.

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