New IoT Gateway on Kickstarter!

The Things GatewayThe much anticipated IoT Kickstarter campaign for The Things Network has finally launched! With a ridiculously low target price of $200 per 4 mile range, LoRa WAN gateway, not to mention it’s decentralized, open source and crowd sourced… these gateways will help smart city initiatives around the world push forward at an unprecedented pace.

The beauty of this IoT network is that it runs decentralized on the open spectrum of 433 mHz (US) so no need for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and cellular connections. So imagine having 1,000 LoRa enabled devices spread across a 4 mile radius, all sending small packets of data back to your LoRa gateway/router. From there you can plug that data to the Internet for further processing or storage in the cloud.

The possibilities are endless. Go to to learn more, support the cause and help create a smarter world one city at a time.

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