My Google Glass Experience

Recently BGT Partners was acquired by PwC and since then I’ve been tasked to work on a Google Glass project for one of PwC’s large clients and it’s been a pretty interesting experience so far. There’s not one but 2 API sets I can tap into. One is called the GDK and the other is […]

DIY iPad Frame

Once I got my Surface Pro my old iPad was sitting around collecting dust. At the same time I was still using a pen and paper to make my grocery list, I know, I’m getting old, what can I say. So I decided to step in the 21st century and mount my ipad in the […]

API? What API? Who needs an API?

I’ve had my fair share of missed opportunities but not seeing the business value in exposing a robust API to your application is beyond comprehension to me. Take Facebook for example, by opening up their API they blew past the competition and was able to embed themselves to every corner of the web cosmos. Third […]

Provider Pattern for Consuming Feeds

So I started working on a new project where we’re taking the Service-First-Design approach (post on that coming soon!) and it basically consumes feeds such as RSS, Atom and other types of feeds right in the service layer. Since we wanted to allow for any number of feed formats we decided to implement the provider […]